Career & Coaching

Many aspire for a type of career that really does not motivate them. This has an effect on both engagement as well as on organizational results. One of the most efficient ways to create results and engagement is to work with finding developmental paths that lead to individuals residing potential. Decision Dynamics offer world-leading tools to support people in establishing what is truly an engaging career development and to successfully achieve it. Which career is the best for a certain person depends most of all on his or her career motives.

Recommended tools for career & coaching:

Depending on needs and circumstances, different tools may, individually or combined, be of different interest for your particular coaching needs. Below we present our recommendations. Something they all share is that they provide insight and support for personal development.

  • To get insights for what drives and strengthens the engagement in a person’s work-life, we recommend CareerView, one of the world’s leading career tools
  • With 360View, one may conduct constructive coaching for improving the individual’s competencies or work situation, based on judgements from key persons in the surrounding.

Decision Dynamics has a global network of consults that can assist with career planning, coaching and other services as needed.