Team Development

Strong teams require competence, shared goal visions and mutual trust between group members. Different organizational circumstances may put these conditions to great tests. With the right knowledge and tools however, one may ensure that excellent team development is both created and maintained

Recommended tools for team development

Depending on needs and context, different tools may, individually or combined, be of different use for the team development in your organization. Below we present our recommendations. Something they all share is that they provide insight for how the team members function individually and together as a team.

  • If it is important to get an idea of which core motives influence individuals’ life career choices, we recommend CareerView
  • For learning how decision styles of different team members affect interactions and cooperation, we recommend StyleView.
  • For team development based on evaluations and competency ratings of individual team members’ performances, we recommend 360View.

Contact us to discuss your needs and our tool advisors will help you make the right choice!