Competence Library

To ensure that competence development becomes more than a promise, it is important to have a tool which enables one to work with a set of clearly defined and scientifically developed competencies. They put words to important skill-sets, which provides the organization with an established language. But most of all the competencies constitute concrete abilities, which can be measured in order to track development over time.

Decision Dynamics Competence Library™ contains over 80 competencies, which are directly mapped to our tools. This guarantees that you will not have any sort of “black box” phenomena. Leaders understand how the competencies are connected to the business and the talents know what they need to develop. HR can make their operation more effective and focus on developing, retaining and engaging talents.

Different sets of cour competencies can be used with the Developmental Map™. The Developmental Map™ is designed as type of game board, where the competencies that an individual experiences as the most important and engaging are compared to the competencies most important for e.g. the position the person has or aspires to have. This gives a clear picture of which competencies need to be developed and why. The map is used with great success in among others coaching and individual competency development.

Our competence library may help you to

  • Establish which competencies signify your organization
  • Ensure that the organization is developing in the right direction for reaching set goals
  • Create a development plan, based on which competencies need to be developed and to what extent.

Contact us for more information on how competence mapping can be used for your organization.