Albéa Competence Modeling and Talent Management for Growth

Albéa is one of the world’s leading packaging companies providing a wide range of solutions for the make-up, fragrance, skincare, personal and oral care markets. Headquartered in France, Albéa employs 16700 people and operates with 46 manufacturing facilities in 14 different countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Goal: To design Albéa’s new global leadership pipeline with different sets of leadership competencies at different manager levels.

Process: Albéa collected input on perception of culture using the CareerView™ Culture Survey and identified areas of improvement for developing the future leaders of growing Albéa through a set of workshops in Europe, Asia and the US. Job requirements at different manager levels and what leadership competencies they would like to emphasize at which level were identified through a questionnaire. Decision Dynamics evaluated Albéas initially proposed sets of level-specific competencies through a bench-marking process where strengths, weaknesses, and improvements were identified by comparing with other leadership pipeline designs and research. The final sets of level-specific leadership competencies have an excellent fit with Decision Dynamics Leadership Pipeline Success Profiles based on breakthrough study of 180000 managers globally, published in Harvard Business Review.

Results: We arrived at an optimal number of leadership pipeline levels for Albéa as well as linking the selected sets of leadership competencies to Albéa’s corporate values to strengthen the subsequent implementation. The chosen leadership competencies are linked to Decision Dynamics StyleView™ and CareerView™ suites of tools that facilitates the implementation of Albéa’s new leadership pipeline through their assessment, selection, and development.

Tools: Decision Dynamics Competence Library™, StyleView™ och CareerView

Applications: Talent Management, Recruitment, Leadership Development