Leadership Development

The selection of a candidate for a leading position and the type of competencies that person develops is very central for how well an organization will reach its goals, strengthen its competitiveness, attract and retain talents, discover and realize potential, as well as in other ways attain good results.

Decision Dynamics performed the world’s largest study of the leadership pipeline, i e the leader “flow” between the organization’s different leadership levels, together with our partner Korn/Ferry International, the world’s leading executive recruiting company. This study was published in Harvard Business Review, among others. Based on the results from this study, Decision Dynamics offer unique and value-adding tools, certifications and trainings, as well as services for strengthening the organization’s leadership and competence development:

  Decision Dynamics
  Assess™ Select™ Develop™
Create success profiles for high performers at different levels along your "leadership pipeline"      
Identify and assess leader capabilities and motivations at various levels      
Measure existing leader and manager, and new candidate, potential based-on their fit to different levels and roles      
Recruit and promote people with highest potential to perform in specific positions      
Engage and develop leaders to higher performance at current and future levels      
Develop existing roles of current leaders to prepare them for growth in responsibility and authority      

Recommended tools for leadership development:

The purpose of leadership development is to let a leader grow in his or her present role or adjust competencies for upcoming leadership challenges. To achieve this, we recommend the following tools:

  • CareerView allows the leader to develop both through self-insight and through an engaging leadership, in which the co-worker’s job performance is raised due to their engagement potential being looked after.
  • With the help of StyleView, one may for example see what kind of decision styles a leader in an organization has, and use our popular benchmark values to compare these decision styles to a compilation of decision styles from over 180.000 leaders, published in Harvard Business Review.
  • 360View constitutes a basis for measuring and comparing leadership competencies such as they are perceived by key persons in the leader’s proximity. These competencies may be customized freely or picked out from our predefined 360° solutions.

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