Select the right leader and see results accelerate

Failed recruitments are expensive and difficult to repair. Especially when it comes to managers who might lower employee engagement. For many years our tools and methods have been developed together with the world’s today largest recruiting agency for leaders and specialists, to be optimized for recruiting. They will enable you to make better decisions, on the basis of objective data which identify future leadership potential. Take the chance to define potential and identify talent based on what evidently works – don’t leave the sharpest talents to your competition.

Recommended tools for recruitment and selection

We provide scientifically validated tools and methods that are developed to be used in an international environment, are optimized for recruiting and have evidenced prediction value. Together with skilled and educated HR-experts with a good sense of judgement, this is an unbeatable combination.

Included with the recruitment sets are competency cards, profiling tools, success profiles, candidate profiles, interview support, access to our Webcenter for administration of profiles – or our Full Service if you wish for us to handle the administration for you – as well as certification training.

  • CareerView Recruitment Set – provides support for defining the organization’s development needs, translates these into what competencies and motives are needed for the role, and identifying the candidates with the best fit
  • StyleView Recruitment Set – provides support for defining success profiles for your business on different leadership levels and identifying candidates with the best fit.
  • Decision Dynamics Leadership Potential Profile™ Recruitment Set – uses the best from both tools to identify the strongest candidate. Measures leadership motives, conditions for high engagement, fast learning, willingness to change, collaboration with others, ways of thinking and processing information, capacity of handling complexities in different areas as well as emotional behaviors. The Success Profiles have been constructed based on data from the world’s largest database of executives, from different countries, industries and on different leadership levels. Overall fit is measured so that candidates may be compared to eachother.

Contact us to discuss your needs and our tool advisors will help you make the right choice!

If you wish support for the entire recruitment process or parts of it, we have partners all over the world that we can recommend you. This may also be a way to test and confirm the value of the recruitment methodology in your organization.