Years of research


Three Popular Talent Webinars with Career Angels this Spring

Professor Rikard Larsson and international career coach Sandra Bichl will discuss different talent issues. Decision Dynamics

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Business Today interview K. Sudarshan

We have for a long time been accustomed to think that contacts, good merits and good references are absolutely key when

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Raj Bowen on engagement as key factor for the team’s productivity

Raj Bowen, our partner at India-based EMA Decision Dynamics, recently explained in Times of India how crucial it is for

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Choose the right tool for the job!

We think that tools should be engaging, easy to use and create tangible results.

Decision Dynamics’ tools provide:

  • easily comprehensible interpretations that immediately create insights in leaders and co-workers
  • a shared language to ease the process of implementing a culture of engagement and development
  • possibilities to integrate assessments, selections and developments for increased efficiency

Contact us to discuss your needs and one of our consultants will help you find the right tool!