Two new career articles in People Management Magazine

Saundra Stroope and Rikard Larsson have published two related articles about how the Career Model can be used for new challenges with remote and hybrid work in People Management Magazine.

  • Expert, Linear, Spiral or Transitory – Which Career Concept Do You Fall Into?

The first article was published March 30 and addresses the increasing need for attracting and retaining talents in organizations when new ways of working are threatening to divide the organizational cohesion and how they can be handled better with the help of greater understanding of our various career motives. Link to article

  • Creating an Engaged Culture by Building Career Development Opportunities

The second article was published April 3 and adds how diverse career development initiatives can create more engaging and cohesive organizational culture. Link to article

Both articles contribute to relating the Decision Dynamics Career Model to our strategic cooperation with Future of Work Solutions (see earlier news).

Saundra Stroope is a career-certifierad, American consultant who we cooperate with in several ways. People Management Magazine is published by CIPD that is an international, professional member organization for HR and people development.