Candidate learning co-webinar with Career Angels 21 September

The international career coach Sandra Bichl and professor Rikard Larsson discuss ”How Much Can You Really Learn About candidates?”.

The five popular talent co-webinars with Career Angels generated more than 2500 registered participants during last year. In addition, a series of LinkedIn posts about how Decision Dynamics Career Model can generate valuable new information about job candidates and how likely they will be engaged by the job in question received a lot of attention during the winter. Therefore, we follow up this most recent recruitment theme with a new co-webinar on September 21. It will focus on how we can learn more about the engagement potentials of various job candidates.

Once again, the co-webinar will on all three platforms of LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Please send us an email if you would like a link to a specific or all of the webinars ( or contact us via LinkedIn.