Research-Based Talent Management

High-performing organizations know which talents are in their pipelines and where gaps to be filled are. They know how to develop talents by making sure that the talents are in the right roles and functions. They work continuously with the talents’ career development and engagement in order to keep them, and stand out by working systematically with competency models based on state of the art research and modern tools. They measure potential in order to neutralize effects of personal chemistry and biased opinion, so to provide a method that is more successful than intuitively “picking” talents who at the end of the day actually do not have much future potential.

Talent Management with Success Profiles™

Decision Dynamics methods and tools for talent management are based on a Leadership Pipeline perspective. It is scientifcally proven that different types of competencies are needed for different leadership levels. Just as well is it established that one of the biggest pitfalls is in confusing performance for potential. It is without doubt that performance on one level does not predict performance on the next. Based on the world’s biggest leadership pipeline study, featuring leaders world-wide, on different levels and in different industries, Decision Dynamics have identified how competencies are translated into level-specific profiles. These success profiles are available for you to compare and develop your talents towards.

Competence Library™ for Talent Management

Decision Dynamics Competence Library™ is directly mapped to our tools. This guarantees that will not have any sort of “black box” phenomena. Leaders understand how the competencies are connected to the business and the talents know what they need to develop. HR can make their operation more effective and focus on developing, retaining and engaging talents.

Decision Dynamics tools and methods for talent management stand out by:

  • Focusing on engagement and motivation
  • Measuring operative styles – crucial for potential but very difficult to assess through interviews
  • Illustrating potential and development areas in accessible graphs
  • Provide a competence library directly related to what is measured
  Decision Dynamics
  Assess™ Select™ Develop™
Create success profiles for key positions for selection and development      
Identify manager, leader and co-worker strengths and talents      
Measure and assess talent and engagement from both performance and potential for current and future roles      
Identify and select key talents and high potentials for key positions and provide engaging career development paths      
Engage and develop talents via motivating and challenging assignments, projects and career experiences      
Realize and release potential talents in challenging assignments, roles, and projects      
Develop talents for higher performance in current and future roles      
Retain key talents by providing motivating and individualized development plans