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Certification - JTI™

JTI™ is an equivalent tool with, for example, MBTI®, but cheaper, faster and more user-friendly. JTI™ is a method and a tool to increase the understanding of how people differ in how they direct their attention and energy, handle information, make decisions and relate to the world around them. JTI™ is based on C.G Jung's original theory of personality types, which is the world's most widely used theory for personality analysis. Unlike other typical instruments on the market, JTI™ is developed in the Nordic countries and is also adapted to our time and European culture. The certification training entitles you to provide feedback on JTI™ profiles.

The target group is you who work with interpersonal relationships in the form of leadership, career advice, personal development or coaching.


Fee 2 850 EUR
07 november13 november12 december
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