Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, with distribution in over 120 countries worldwide.


Goal: To through the use of the Decision Style Model™ establish a success profile, which among other things could constitute a foundation for the recruitment of new salesmen, as well as for training and development of salesmen already in the organization.

Process: Measurements of sales performance at Eli Lilly were made based on attained sales volume, quota and increase in percent for the past fiscal year. Through this measurement, it was possible to create stratifications of different salesmen based on their sales performance. All salesmen in the organization got to take part of the Decision Dynamics Decision Style Model™, which made it possible to ascertain which decision styles were characteristic of certain types of salesmen.

Results: Through careful analyses of individual salesmen and their decision styles, a success profile could be created that showed characteristics of Eli Lilly’s top-performing salesmen; for example that they were comfortable with handling quantities of complex information and that they possessed excellent interpersonal skills.

Tools: StyleView

Application: Recruitment