The following teambuilding case is a shortened form of a sequence available in ”The Decision Maker”, our comprehensive guide to the use of decision styles for executive and business success. The case is based on real circumstances but has been anonymized.

Goal: Following a company merger in the aerospace and electronics industry, made in order to streamline operations, a teambuilding effort was requested in order to regain structure and attend to staff uneasiness and lack of communication.

Process: A team building intervention was designed to enable group members to work through tasks and interpersonal issues. More specific goals included understanding of other team members’ decision styles, understanding of the team’s function in the new organization and developing ways of working through problems by applying style-coping guidelines. These goals were then achieved through, among others, personal interviews, decision style workshops, leadership coaching and the use of action plans.

Results: Team members and leaders gained understanding of the ramifications of the members’ different decision styles and the impact that these have on the rest of the group, leading way to a more constructive team dynamic.

Tools: StyleView

Business Solutions: Team Development