One of northern Europe’s largest financial concerns, with over 1000 offices and over 30 000 employees.


Goal: To use proper and individually customized career development in order to attract, develop and keep as competent and engaged staff as possible.

Process: Decision Dynamics’ CareerView™ tool has been used for a long time within Nordea, having used the model for among others career development, career counseling, engaging reward systems and leadership development since the late 1990’s. A “Nordea JobCentre” was established as a channel for Human Resources staff to provide career based needs.

Results: Over 2000 Nordea employees have thus far gotten career-based services, from over ten certified HR staff. The process has led to among others increased employee engagement, decreased staff turnover and improved identification of competent and suitable candidates for key positions.

Tools: CareerView

Applications: Career & Coaching, Engagement, Leadership Development

Industry: Financial services