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Certification - CareerView™ Team and Engagement

Decision Dynamics Career Model™ is one of the world’s leading career tools with more than 40 years of international research and practical use in 100+ countries. The model increases understanding of the variety of ways people view careers and what motivations underlie them. It also highlights the extent to which individuals and organizations take advantage of these motivations towards achieving organizational goals as well as individual engagement. The Certification training gives you an in-depth understanding of how to analyze and create useful executive workshops using the CareerView™ Group respectively Culture Profiles.

CareerView™ Group and Culture Profiles are used as basis for group discussions, to reach a shared understanding regarding motives and experiences of the career culture, aiming to identify what stands in the way of the organization’s development and the co-workers’ engagement. The profiles are used on the one hand in group discussions with the participants themselves, on the other hand in strategic HR discussions, where they form a basis in identifying how motivation can be developed and aligned with strategic goals. This in a way so that energy and resources are invested where they can truly generate results. CareerView™ Group and Culture Profiles are based on the co-workers’ individual CareerView™ Career and Culture Fit Profiles.

The training contributes to building more engaging leadership, teamwork, selection, development, rewards, culture, and change processes. The target group is line- and project managers, HR partners and talent management professionals, as well as coaches, HR- and organizational development consultants.

Prerequisite: Certification in CareerView™ Career Profile.


Fee 450 EUR
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