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Webinar - Decision Dynamics Career Model™

This Webinar gives a brief introduction to Decision Dynamics Career Model™ and the CareerView™ profiles. It describes how you can become certified and what the certification process contains.

Decision Dynamics Career Model increases understanding of the variety of ways people view careers and what motivations underlie them. It also highlights the extent to which individuals and organizations take advantage of these motivations towards achieving organizational goals as well as individual engagement. Certification training allows you to provide feedback using CareerView™ profiles.

Decision Dynamics Career Profile is one of the world’s leading career tool with more than 40 years of international research and practical use in 100+ countries. It contributes to better career self-insights and more engaging leadership, teamwork, selection, development, rewards, culture and change processes. It consists of a respondent-friendly questionnaire, an insightful language, and many engaging applications.

The target group is line- and project managers, HR partners and talent management professionals, as well as coaches, HR- and organizational development consultants.


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18 september, 09:00 - 09:45
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