Business Today interview K. Sudarshan

We have for a long time been accustomed to think that contacts, good merits and good references are absolutely key when it comes to making advancements in your career. However, as the world around us has become increasingly more complex and object to change, these previously well-established truths have become increasingly outdated.

In a recent interview with Business Today, K. Sudarshan, Managing Partner på EMA Partners India and one of Decision Dynamics affiliated business collaborators, describes how selection of leaders has started to become increasingly complex and begun to take a wide variety of variables into consideration – everything from the candidate’s physical fitness to how quickly the person is able to gain trust in a social setting may be scrutinized and picked apart. K. Sudarshan explains that the rules of the game as well as the general expectations on new CEOs have changed and that candidates with strong merits can no longer take their success or job security for given.

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